If you are going to sell a home, get a carpet cleaner & plumber


I have over 25 years experience in apartment rentals as well as home selling and one of the biggest tip I can give to new home seller is to get a professional carpet cleaning service or plumbing service before you go show a tour of the home or take pictures for the website display.


You will be surprised how much of a different clean professionally which is key carpet looks and could make you your home look 10 years younger than it is. If you never gotten professional carpet cleaning before you do not have proper reference to know what I am talking about. Those of you that have, if you got a good carpet cleaner you will know that I am not exaggerating when I say that it makes the whole home look different.


If you think you can get away with regular old vacuum to do the trick, you are in my humble opinion mistaken. First of all, the professional carpet cleaners use industry level cleaning equipment that sucks up particles at great strength and often times will vacuum up many dust mites and other minute debris that regular vacuum similar cannot get to. So overtime things just continue to accumulate which is hard to detect to the naked eye but only becomes apparent when you get a real carpet cleaner that does great work.


1 tip I have is to check local review and check out there website for testimonials or before & after pictures.. I find that companies that can show these things on their site means they are proud of the work they do and they will certainly deliver similar fantastic results for you as well.


The Plumbing system of your home is like the bowel of the human body, they say all sickness begins in the colon and the bowel, constipation is known to cause whole slew of diseases including cancer. The elimination and water system is very important, an unsanitized living condition in Europe caused an pandemic of illness causing deaths in the untold numbers, much the same way in order to preserve your home for the long term, one should take good care of the plumbing system.


Water damage can be one of the most harmful things to the home destroying thousands of dollars worth of assets in terrifyingly rapid rate. Sometimes it will do a lot of good to hire a professional plumber even if no unknown problems are seen before selling a home because you want to give your new homers the good feeling of making the right decision to purchase your home, whereas if yo put yourself in their shoes, move into a brand new home which cost you an arm and a leg, and then in relatively short period the toilet overflows or the bathtub gets clogged, that is not a pleasant experience.


You may say that you do not care because by then you already sold the house, well consider if you didn’t sell the house and you hold onto the house for months more, if there is any water leakage or plumbing issue at hand, the longer you wait to repair the more potential for the value of the home to take a significant hit when the plumbing is leaking water damage beneath the floors where your eyes cannot reach.


In my humble opinion, i believe in maintenance work of a home, not repair work.


We take our car in for maintenance every few months, why not our homes every once in a while perhaps not as often as a car but it will still benefit you over the long to do this.


Is it better to prevent cancer with good diet or to wait till there is a tumor and go to a hospital and pay astronomical medical bills to treat the cancer?


Which one costs more?


Yes it may seem like more money upfront but by looking at the long term which in this case, a home is most likely a long term thing, it will actually save you money to stay on top of maintenance work rather than repair, for example a professional carpet cleaning can take years off of appearance but also extend the life carpet by several years each time you do it, because now the accumulated dirt and other particles are cleared away to prevent that accumulation itself to continue to do more damage, till eventually the whole thing needs to get replace which is much more expensive job.


I hope you find this guide helpful in seeing there is more to good house selling than simply putting up a for sale sign in the front yard.

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