Chauffeuring to Airport

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That moment when you can’t Drive on the Michigan’s crazy Highways. I mean Michiganders go 80 MPH! That’s unheard of from where I come from. At most people are doing 55 MPH and that’s still fast in my opinion.

Anyway this blog post will be about a experience I had the other day about needing to go to the airport to go to a small gathering with friends down in Florida to escape the Michigan climate.

My home stay family had to work in the morning and they offered to give me a car to the airport but I was too nervous to handle the snowy roads and high speed highways so I had to once again get a limousine service out of Novi to get myself chauffeured! My friend recommended me this company after using them for a party bus rental for his Bachelor party and was told that they do a fine job and the owner is very friendly.

Boy do I live the good life! Haha, well just kidding I paid for the limo myself so I would of actually saved money if I could drive but what do you do. Its better to get to the destination safe and stress free before a long trip in my opinion. And a limo ride is strangely more relaxing than any other ride.

My plane was to depart from 8:00 AM and I arrived right at the gate so no need to take the shuttle bus, the driver opened the door for me and was very polite and carried my bags right up to inside of the airport even though it was freezing. I really appreciated the driver’s service and I was grateful.

So because limo driver drove me right up to the gate, I had plenty of time before boarding time so I went to a Japanese restaurant nearby and got some Udon to eat. It was quite pricey but it was delicious, very good for an airport.

Now on the plane I had a great time watching the Avengers again on my iPad for the 50th time or something, I really love that movie and my favorite has to be Tony Stark, Iron Man. So that movie is the best and I enjoy watching it all the time.

The plane ride was smooth to Florida, I slept a good 2-4 hours on it which was great and made time fly by quick. I was also sitting in a empty row which was awesome and you feel like you won the lottery.

Arriving to Florida was a pleasant experience, as soon as I stepped out of the plane I could feel the warm breeze welcoming me to take off my jackets and feel the air a little bit. It was a wonderful experience.

I could feel the energy of the place was bit more lively than Michigan’s tree service guys and I knew I was going to be in for a wild treat of fun and adventures.

Now this blog post will have to be two part because I’m typing this in Florida right now and I still have not even finished with my adventures here. Let me just say it is a great state and I love the friends that I’ve met so far. At the end of the day that’s really the #1 attractive thing for any place, is the people that live there. And so far I have to say Florida has some stellar people in my book.


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