New Leaf, New Life into the Unknown


Today is the second day of my life. The first would be the day that everything came crumbling down in my foreclosed home in a small town north of Detroit, Michigan. With nothing left to lose but my Chevy pickup and the contents of what was once my garage, I set out west, looking to start over.

At the time I was working for a small business, cutting trees that had fallen on power lines, homes, and the occasional landscape adjustment for private residences. My wages weren’t enough to fix my credit and start a new home here, so I packed my essentials, left the rest behind, and set out on a trek to South Dakota, where my old friend from high school left to be a machinist a few years ago. We were pretty close back in those days, so I figured he was my best shot for a fresh start.

I stopped in Indiana at a very grubby motel, and before I could check in, a man in a suit told me that his name was Travis Miller, and he noticed the tools in my cab and that he was looking for someone that would take care of the trees growing around some properties he was planning on investing in and he would pay me a lump sum of $530.

I figured I could use the extra cash, so I took him up on the offer. He gave me an address and I headed over to the abandoned strip mall on the north side of town. There were six very wide oak and maple trees obstructing the view of the location, and a dead pine near the entrance.


I filled up my chainsaw and got to work tying down the trees. Even though I had never taken a gig such as this, and thought to myself on the way that the location was a little sketchy, but who was I, in my dire times to decline? I felled that dead pine pretty fast and without much hassle, as it seemed to have been dried up for some time, and moved on to the hardwood surrounding the facility’s parking lot islands.

I had a bit of trouble removing the first one, a thick maple, because there was little to anchor it to so that it wouldn’t fall into the street as it seemed to lean that way, but I managed to get it to fall towards the lot. The rest were fairly easy to take down. By the time I finished cutting up the trees, the sun had already fallen below the horizon, and I smelled terrible, so I called Travis and headed back to me hotel.

He met me there, payed me in cash and thanked me for the work on such short notice. He said that he would have many more jobs like these if I was interested and I took him up on the offer the next day. I decided to forego my long trip to South Dakota, get a cheap apartment in the area, and start my own business. I got a decal for my truck, forest green letters that said “New Leaf Tree Removal Services” and started my new life here in the Hoosier State.

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